MIASA alumna Maya Turolla: ‘The cake is in Accra’: urbanization and youth rural-urban migration in Ghana


“‘Youth is just a word”, wrote Bourdieu in 1993, referring to the contextual definitions of this social category encompassing the transition from childhood to adulthood. Yet, the social category of ‘youth’ has recently assumed a prominent role in public debates about development in Africa: the continent is experiencing a colossal demographic transformation, an actual ‘youth bulge’.

This research was carried out by Maya Turolla and Lisa Hoffmann in the framework of the Third Interdisciplinary Fellowship Group on ‘Sustainable Rural Transformation’, hosted by the Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA), at the University of Ghana, in February — May 2020.

Read the full blog post by Maya Turolla on https://medium.com/@turolla.maya/the-cake-is-in-accra-urbanization-and-youth-rural-urban-migration-in-ghana-eada59dffc3b