Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué

Jacqueline-Bethel Tchouta Mougoué is an Associate Professor of African Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the USA with additional affiliations in the Department of History and the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies. As an interdisciplinary historian of Africa, she draws from history, gender studies, feminist studies, and political science to examine 20th-century African history. She is the author of Gender, Separatist Politics, and Embodied Nationalism in Cameroon (the University of Michigan Press, 2019).

Akosua Keseboa Darkwah

Akosua K. Darkwah is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Ghana and has expertise in qualitative research methods including innovative approaches such as the river of life approach. She is currently one of the editors of the African Studies Review as well as Feminist Africa. She is a member of the International Sociological Association, Sociologists for Women in Society, the African Studies Association (USA), the Ghana Studies Association, and the Ghana Sociological and Anthropological Association.

Gretchen Bauer

Gretchen Bauer is professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware where she teaches African politics, African politics and literature, and gender and politics. She researches women's political leadership in Africa, with a recent focus on women in parliament and cabinet in Ghana. Professor Bauer has been a visiting researcher at the Institute for Public Policy Research in Windhoek, Namibia (2002) and at the University of Botswana in Gaborone (2009), and a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Ghana in Accra (2016).

Jenny Mbaye

Jenny Mbaye is a Reader in Culture and Creative Industries, as well as the Associate Dean, Employability, Engagement and Enterprise, for the School of Communication & Creativity at City University of London. Her work focusses on urban cultural economies in Africa.

MIASA Fellowship Project: Grounding cultural policy and governance in West African academia

Hans Peter Hahn

Hans P. Hahn is Professor for Anthropology with regional focus on Africa at Goethe University of Frankfurt /M., Germany. He spent many years in West Africa (Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso) doing ethnographic fieldwork on a wide range of themes of rural economies. His research interests are oriented towards material culture, consumption, migration and mobility in non-western societies. He participated in the organization of several exhibitions on culture, society and materiality. Other ongoing research initiatives are linked with polysemic approaches to material culture studies.

Laure Carbonnel

Laure Carbonnel is an anthropologist working on regulation of social conducts, the production of forms of life, categorisation of groups, people and actions. She follows cultural actors, study situated dancing gathering, and focuses particularly on movements (gestures, danced, sounds, mobility), interactions and social organisation.