Guidelines For Agreements of the University


The Office of the Legal Counsel (OLC) is responsible for the drafting and reviewing of all agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) covering transactions involving all units of the University.


Types of Agreements

Two types of agreements are referred to in this document namely Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and General Agreements (Agreements).

An MOU is a general document drafted to reflect or promote good will between the parties. It usually does not mention detailed actions or projects, even though it may refer to the development of such plans at a later date. The MOU may precede a more detailed agreement, which normally stipulates the exact terms and conditions that govern the proposed partnership. Agreements however, are normally developed to govern the detailed actions or types of projects that require specific commitments from the parties involved.

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that agreements and MOUs between any unit of the University and individuals and organisations are developed and reviewed in a systematic way in order to promote mutually beneficial partnerships.


Drafting of Agreements

  1. Unit provides OLC with information on agreement.
  2. Meeting with requesting Unit to agree on details of the agreement where necessary.
  3. If necessary, OLC meets with all parties involved.
  4. In the case of tenancy agreements, the Unit provides OLC with a valuation report of the property from Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate (PDMSD) based on which OLC drafts the tenancy agreement.
  5. The agreement is sent to the requesting Unit to review.
  6. OLC finalises the agreement after all parties are satisfied with the document.
  7. Three (3) copies are printed and signed, first by the other party or by a duly authorised representative and then by the Vice Chancellor on behalf of the University.
  8. The Vice Chancellor’s office facilitates and returns signed copies to OLC.


Review of Agreements

  1. OLC reviews the agreement and sends it to the requesting Unit with comments, if any.
  2. After the comments are reviewed by the other party, it is sent back to OLC for it to be finalised.
  3. Where necessary, a meeting will be held between OLC and the department and / or the third party.
  4. Three (3) copies are printed and then signed, first by the other party and then by the Vice Chancellor on behalf of the University.


Renewal of Agreements

  • Where a renewal is contemplated, the Unit concerned shall notify OLC three months prior to the expiry of the agreement.



  • All agreements/MOUs are entered into by the University of Ghana on behalf of all departments and units.

No agreement shall be entered into by units and departments of the University as they are NOT LEGAL entities with the capacity to enter into agreements.