The 3-letter city code for Accra is ACC and that for the airport. Common or regular carriers include DELTA, KLM, AIR FRANCE, TURKISH AIRLINES, KENYAN AIRLINES, SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS, LUFTHANSA, USAIR, AIR CANADA, etc.


Transportation from and to the airport
The airport is roughly 7 km / 5 miles from the University of Ghana, Legon campus and about 12 km /8 miles to the inner city of Accra.

Common means of transportation from the airport include taxi, uber, private cars and hotel (major hotels only) shuttles. Due to restricted access to the airport uber, bolt, etc. are usually not available and taxi remains a common option. One must, however, bargain to make sure a fair price is quoted. For example, you should not pay more than GHS 60 for a taxi from the airport to the Legon campus.


Discount Flights

We have secured a special discount with KLM and AIR FRANCE (and their code-shared flights worldwide, including DELTA) for international travels to Ghana. Please reference: "International conference of traditional music (ICTM) and the International federation for theatre research (IFTR) annual conference 2023” when you book.  AIR FRANCE KLM Global Meetings & Events Communication Kit is offering up to 15% discount on Air France and KLM airfares with a link for reservations and guidelines on eligibility.

NB: Kindly send an email to Mr. Adama Tahiru, tahiru.adama@klm.com with details if you have problems with the fare code, etc.



ID Code: 39507AF

Travel Valid Period: June 30, 2023 to August 4, 2023

Event Location: Accra

Please access the following site directly to make reservations:


NB: Frequent flyer loyalty programs of Air France and KLM partner airlines are credited with miles when Air France or KLM flights are used. You can also visit globalmeetings.airfranceklm.com and enter the event ID code 39507AF in order to get access to the discounted AIR FRANCE-KLM Global Meetings & Events fares.


Please take note of the following guidelines

Proof of attendance-fare eligibility: At any point of their journey, passengers have to be able to justify the usage of the discounted AIR FRANCE-KLM Global Meetings & Events fares by showing the proof of attendance-fare eligibility document. Your participants will receive this document automatically when they book their tickets on our online booking platform globalmeetings.airfranceklm.com.

Please provide this document to the agency you chose to issue the tickets. The agency will fill it in by adding its name, phone details and stamp before sending it to the participants for whom it would have issued tickets.


The holder of this travel document benefits from Global Meetings & Events discounts.

The event described below is registered on AIR FRANCE KLM Global Meetings & Events

Name of the Event: ICTM AND IFTR ANNUAL 2023

Event ID Code: 39507AF

Travel Dates Validity: from June 30, 2023 to August 4, 2023 included

Destination City: Accra

Country: Ghana

Name of the agency (if necessary):

Phone of the agency (if necessary):

→ We kindly ask you to keep this document with you during your entire journey.