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NB: School will still be in session during the conference week and campus accommodation is thus severely limited.

There are Bed-n-Breakfast and private home options in the University of Ghana neighborhood--a Google search, for example,  can discover many of these, especially when “East Legon,”  “Legon,” and/or “University of Ghana” are included in the search keywords.

There are hostels and 3-5 star  hotels, especially those within 7 -15 drive from the University campus; some of these are offering discounts to ICTM participants.   There are major international 4- to 5-star hotels at the airport (within about 15-min drive to Legon) with rates ranging from $150 to over $300. The budget hotels and hostels do not offer shuttle services.

Most rates are in USD but local equivalents are negotiable. Even where only the local currency is specified, payment in USD or EUR will be accepted. (The University Guest Centre accepts only the local currency.)  For general questions, email the LAC at; or



[1] Mensvic Hotel (90 rooms; (East Legon) GPS/Digital Address: GA-378-6677
43 Lagos Avenue. To make reservations send email to: and/or
call 0244997124 (Mr Foster) General inquiry:  +233(0)302507406

Standard room: $150  Discount $120. Wifi, breakfast.

[2] Erata Hotel  (72 rooms)  (East Legon) Ouagadougou Avenue, Okponglo, East Legon
Call: +233(0)544336761  Email: Website:
Rates:  from $90

[3] The Gallery Hotel (Okponglo, East Legon)
The Okponglo branch of The Gallery chain of hotels Call +233(0)501620631 for rates

[4] Africana Lodge (hostel next to campus.Haatso Branch; walking distance, next to Palace Mall) (Haatso branch)
Contact: Mr. Pharis  +233 (0)500242503  Regular GHS 282  Discount GHS 242
Breakfast; no wifi. Local currency (Visit for exchange rates)

[5] Nurses Hostel GRNA  (about .8 miles/900 meters, 14-min walk off campus, South Legon)No special discounts; nurses have priority so rooms cannot be guaranteed but highly recommended as a budget stay. 2 beds in a room is GHS 260; single queen is GHS 250 (breakfast; no wifi) If two in the room then extra GHS 15 for breakfast. Local currency (Visit for exchange rates)
Contact: +233(0) (  No details on accommodation here but follow map:

[6] ELLKING HOTEL  (22 rooms; East Legon, Atta Oko Ashie Link) Digital address: GA 376-3537 Internet Has Wifi  2-star    Tel.:  +233(0)508349924;  +233(0) 243690117
Email:; Website;

[7] HILTON VIEW HOTEL (East Legon, 40 rooms) $70/GHS 800) 16 mins/8.5 km/6 miles
For reservations, call: +233(0)302540493; +233(0)248200400

[8] OAK PARK RESIDENCES (East Legon; 65 rooms--studio, 1-3 bedrooms)
For rates and reservations, call: +233(0)204343012; +233(0)204343009

Introductory letter

[9] AG HOTELS (East Legon;  20 mins.)
For rates and reservations, call: +233(0)509278357; +233(0)530670546

[10]  AMPOMAAH HOTEL (Easat Legon; 20 mins.)
For rates and reservations, call: +233(0)246529178; +233(0)302507487: or email:;;

[11] Golden Key Hotel (East Legon, 43 rooms; GHS 800)
For reservations, contact the General Manager Samuel at +233(0)244127438,+Accra/golden+key+hotel+east+legon/@5.6494597,-0.1859643,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0xfdf9c7dd4389017:0x8a140595c282296d!2m2!1d-0.1870506!2d5.6506394!1m5!1m1!1s0xfdf9b5c6c92e10d:0x476d4bfb2f932401!2m2!1d-0.1643544!2d5.6390862 


NB: Cheaper, dorm-style campus housing is limited due to the fact that school will still be in session (or about to end) in July. Special arrangements are being made to secure a certain amount of space and progress and final details will be made available.

[1] University Guest Centre (on campus) - FULLY BOOKED; Phone: +233(0)577850291; +233(0)577850296
Rates: GHS 350 single; GHS 400 double (local currency only); Breakfast, Wifi. Restaurant. DIRECTIONS: Google map/Directions document
Call Senior manager Victoria direct at +233(0)208129700 if you problems reaching the office by either email or phone.

[2]Yiri Lodge (owned by the Institute of African Studies, UG, Legon, on campus, South Legon, about half-mile walk to center of campus)
Rates: Standard room GHS 500  Phone: +233(0)544109086
Breakfast, Wifi
NB: Most rooms are under renovation and some are not available but please call when getting close to July for updates and availability.


4- and 5-star hotels at/near the airport (KIA = Kotoka International Airport, ACC = Accra) and about 15 min drive to Legon (University of Ghana) 

Standard room rates from $150 to over $300


Special discount $165/single occupancy standard room. Additional guest adds $40 (Regular standard without discount $195) Guest can book directly with us with the following code: ICTM world conference 2023 - GUEST NAME(S)   Phone: +233(0)302216570

About 11 mins from campus; 8 mins from airport. For discount, use Code:ICTM
Booking Period : 1st July to 4th August 2023
Rate:    Standard room -$130;   Clubroom - $165; Executive room-$225; Junior suite - $195
Double occupancy comes at an extra cost of $30 to all room categories.
Address: 237/238 N Airport Rd, Accra; Phone: +233(0)302765181

Phone: +233(0)302740930; +1 888 465 4329  

Phone: +233(0)302738000

Phone: +233(0)30 278 5765; +233(0)303783844

Phone:  +233 (0)302798425

Phone:  +233(0)302213161


FIESTA ROYALE HOTEL Location North Dzorwulu, Off George W. Bush N1 Highway / South Legon, approx.  20-minute drive from the main conference venue)  4-star.
Tel.: +233-(0) 302740810; Email: