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About the Conference

You are cordially invited to attend the 47th ICTM World Conference, which will be held between 13 and 19 July 2023 at the University of Ghana, Legon.

The ICTM World Conference is the leading international venue for the presentation of new research on music and dance. Many new initiatives emerge at World Conferences and, perhaps even more crucially, discussion at these meetings helps us shape our ongoing work. A successful World Conference is a truly stimulating place to be, and a wonderful place to meet and share ideas with colleagues from all over the world.


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Welcome Greetings from the 75 th Anniversary Celebrations Committee, University of Ghana

As Co-Chairs of the 75 Anniversary Celebrations Committee of the University of Ghana, we first would like to say, "Akwaaba!" ("Welcome!"-- in Twi, one of Ghana’s most widely spoken languages).  To say that we consider it an auspicious moment for the 47th ICTM to take place in Ghana during the University of Ghana’s 75th anniversary would be an understatement.  We anticipate that this conference will create opportunities for meaningful encounters, exchanges, and new discoveries beyond the immediate goals of intellectual and organizational formalities.

As textualized in the University of Ghana’s motto, "Integri Procedeamus", and the theme for our 75th anniversary, “Nurturing Resilience: Adopting Technology, Embracing Humanism”, we see the occasion of the 47th ICTM as a unique context for building and reinvigorating official and informal partnerships that endure.  We can harness technology in a spirit of solidarity to sustain such bonds beyond national borders (sometimes barriers), ideologies and disciplinary bifurcations.  We invite you to immerse yourselves boldly into many areas of life and living beyond the walls of the academy for there is so much to experience that may not be immediately obvious.  The wide range of activities and special programs planned and currently being engaged as part of the UG@75 celebrations already constitute a very positive profile and confirmation of our University’s readiness to not only host, but also make significant contributions to enrich the 47th ICTM meeting in Ghana. We invite you to explore the rich diversity of our cultures and landscapes, from the top of the Legon hills, down to the valleys and beautiful beaches in Accra, and beyond! Do not forget to visit our main university homepage for updates on our UG@75 programs:


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