Dairy Research, Improvement and Innovation Consortium (DRIInC)

DRIInC is a consortium made up of researchers and experts from across various departments and centres within the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) of the University of Ghana. Leveraging off the experience and networks gained from the original project, the main focus of DRIInC is to expand its industrial research agenda into dairy products and processing across all the dairying regions in Ghana and drive the policy agenda for dairy farming and processing in Ghana. The consortium is engaged in four main activities: Research, Training, Commercialisation, and Policy. To achieve its objective of influencing policy within the dairy industry, DRIInC seeks to expand its consortium to a national level and bring onboard key actors in the existing dairy sector to form a strong national voice for dairy policy setting.

For more information about DRIInC, please visit the Dairy Research, Improvement and Innovation Consortium website.