Dept. of Animal Biology And Conservation Sciences

List of major Equipment


      OLD VERSION(S)                                                                                                CURRENT VERSION                                                                     

  1. Stereomicroscopes

  2. . Mettler Toledo XS 104 Analytical balance                               Mettler Toledo XS 105
  3. Cole Parmer Stable temperature waterbath 20L                ColeParmer Stable temp. waterbath 28L

  4. Thermo Haake C10 Circulating water bath                      Thermo Haake DC10-V15/B open bath circulator

  5. TD4S tabletop low-speed centrifuge                                  TD4S tabletop low-speed centrifuge

  6. . Horiba U-52G multiparameter water                              Horiba U-54G multiparameter water quality

  7. Comspec M106 UV-VIS spectrophotometer                   Unico SQ- 4802 UV-VIS spectrophotometer

  8. Ohaus Pioneer PA 213 analytical balance                                  Ohaus Pioneer PA 214