Application for Concessionary Admission 2023/2024 Academic Year


It is announced for the information of the university community that application forms for concessionary admission to the public universities for the 2023/2024 academic year are available.

  • To allow for time for processing these applications before submission to the admissions offices of the various universities, completed online forms should reach the Acting Director, HRODD by 31st August 2023.
  • Kindly note that the application for concession is now ONLINE.



Please note the following:             

  1. A concessionary admission application does not guarantee admission; it only certifies that a staff applying for a concession is eligible to apply, in accordance with university policy.
  2. A decision on admission to the University of Ghana, or any other University, is taken by respective admission boards.
  3. An application for concessionary admission to the University of Ghana must indicate an E-voucher Number before it can be processed.
  4. Concessionary Admission to the University of Ghana may only apply to undergraduate and sub-degree programmes.
  5. Registered children shall be interpreted to mean children whose births have been duly reported and accepted by the University at the time the application is made.
  6. Registered wards shall be eligible for concessionary admission, at least, two years after registration.
  7. Resigned/Retired staff shall not have the opportunity to register children/wards after separation from the University.


Who can apply?

  1. Confirmed staff who have served, at least, three years, may be eligible for concessionary admission for themselves; and two years in the case of children/wards.
  2. Staff who retire compulsorily at 60 years may apply on behalf of registered children/wards/spouses.
  3. Staff who retire voluntarily/resign after serving a minimum of 15 years can apply within 6 years after their separation.
  4. Part-time/Project staff who must have rendered, at least, six years’ cumulative service to the University may apply while still in service.
  5. The next of kin of deceased staff who must have served a minimum period of 6 years may apply on behalf of registered Children/Wards/Spouses.


Who cannot apply?

  • Staff who do not serve the minimum 15 years before resignation/voluntary retirement shall not be considered under concessionary admission after separation.
  • Staff who have vacated their post or whose appointments have been terminated or who have been dismissed shall not be considered under concessionary admission.

The co-operation of all is, by these means, solicited.


Dr. Yvonne Ayerki Lamptey 
Ag. Director, HRODD