Geography Lecture Series

Thursday, October 3, 2019

2:00pm - 3:00pm

B17 Department of Geography
Envisioning the 22nd Century: Deconstructing the Paths to Sustainable and Equitable Growth
Dr. Felix Ammah-Tagoe, Maryland, US



Today, our world in spinning out of control by macro forces on multiple fronts—ever

present climate change from the rapid expansion of drylands, ferocious weather

extremes impacting farmlands, to the speedy melting of artic glaciers; breakup of

political nation-state order and alliances; emergence of dimensional-leaders; super

concentration of economic productive activity and accompanying wealth; and surge of

disruptive innovative intelligent technologies. How will these macro forces impact our

world in coming decades? What societal impacts would these forces foment in the

Twenty-Second Century? This guest lecture journeys through alternate theoretical paths

of development, offering six transformational approaches needed to guarantee that

Africa positions itself to exceed expected development goals and achieve a global super

power status in the Twenty-Second Century. Yes we can. And it starts now. The lecture

presents a new paradigm, sharing evidence that points to how mighty civilizations have

come and gone on a spatially rotational course. And it posits a path forward for reimagining

the possibilities.