GEOG 458-Population and Development


The course provides an overview of the spatial dynamics of human populations with regard to the environment they occupy.  An analysis of the inter-relationships between population, resources, environment and development will be addressed.  The main focus is on Africa and the Developing World in general.  The population-development interrelationships will be examined against the view that development must be for the benefit and enhancement of the quality of life of people.  Consequently, the numbers, spatial distribution and characteristics of the population at any point in time should have an immeasurable impact on the magnitude, trend and pace of development. The outline includes population and development inter-relationships, population and resource utilization, population distribution and redistribution policies, population and environment, population and contemporary social issues, population and health, including reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, population, gender and development. population dynamics and different societal groups, e.g., the aged, the youth, adolescents etc., population planning policies and programmes, population estimates and projections.