Abubakari Abdallah

2013 MA (Democracy, Governance, Law and Development), Ghana
2001 BA (Economics and Geography and Resource Development), Ghana


Email: aabdallah003@st.ug.edu.gh

Research Focus: Stakeholders-Response to flooding in Accra: a search for synergies. 

The research is part of the mobility patterns, livelihood strategies and vulnerability sub-theme of the Climate Change Resilience in Urban Mobility in Accra (CLIMACCESS) project under sponsorship of Danida. The sub-theme explores how mobility practices and livelihood strategies of residents are shaped and constrained by reduced or variable accessibility levels and vulnerability related to extreme weather events.


Professional Experience
Abubakari comes to the PhD with over fifteen (15) years of experience in International Development in the areas of Democratic Governance, Decentralization, and Human Rights-based Approach to Development.

Graduate Level :