Information for Fresh Distance Students

All fresh students (diploma, degree and diploma to degree) are warmly welcome to the University of Ghana Distance Education Programme run by the School of Continuing and Distance Education under the College of Education.

The mode of delivery of the Distance Education Programme is a combination of E-learning and face to face interaction. Students are therefore expected to have a laptop or any electronic device capable of receiving E-learning resources/materials for the programme.

Tutorials will normally be held at weekends, and students are expected to interact with their lecturers, tutors and other students using the SAKAI Learning Management System (SAKAI). Students will be trained on the use of Sakai and basic ICT skills as part of the orientation process.

The pamphlet contains the following information:

  1. Summary of Academic Calendar
  2. Procedure for Registration
  3. Notices on Orientation, Matriculation and Handbooks/ID Cards
  4. Notice for BSc. Information Technology Students
  5. Accessing Course Materials Online
  6. Contact Details