FPEN 601 Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics


The objective of the course among others is to give students an in-depth knowledge of solution thermodynamics as applied in food processing systems. Topics to be covered will include: Fundamental principles – 1st Law and 2nd Law Concepts and Applications, Availability and Exergy Concepts, Maxwell Relations, Jacobian Transformations, Properties of Real fluids and mixtures, PVTN Equations of State, Thermodynamics of pure fluids and mixtures – phase and chemical equilibria review of mixture thermodynamics – fugacity, fugacity coefficient, activity coefficient, phase equilibrium and stability – Gibbs Phase Rule, Phase diagrams, Applications of Mixture Thermodynamics to VLE Phase Equilibria, Phase Equilibria – Differential and integral approaches and their applications – colligative properties, ternary systems S-L-V Three Phase Mono-variant Binary Equilibria in food process systems.