FPEN 212: Physical Properties Laboratory


Objective: This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles and measurements of engineering properties of foods and equip students with the skills required for performing a range of physical analyses of foods.

Description: The course will introduce students to basic measurements of physical and engineering properties of foods. Laboratory activities will cover measurements of properties including physical characteristics (e.g. size, shape, density, porosity, colour, particle size), mechanical properties (e.g. rheology, deformation), thermal properties (e.g. specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity), diffusion (e.g. water activity, desorption characteristics) and electrical properties (e.g. dielectric properties). Additionally, heat transfer of foods, fluid flow behavior, and viscosity determination of liquid and pasty foods, as well as texture and microstructure will be discussed. The units of measurements and importance of precision will be emphasized. The basis of instrumental evaluation, criteria for method selection, the type of data derived, and how that data might be used in decision-making (or statistical analyses) will be reviewed.