FPEN 601 Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics

FPEN 600: Thesis

FPEN 420: Research Project

A supervised field or laboratory investigation. Identification of research problem in the food and allied industries. 

FPEN 411: Professional Development Seminar

Defining career goals and objectives, Code of ethics in engineering. Responsibilities towards employer, your colleagues, subordinates, the community and local businesses. Skills development and continuing education..Leadership, teamwork and trust. Developing...

FPEN 409: Safety in Food Processing Plants

Safety principles in food plant design and operations. Hazard evaluation procedures. Process Safety Management (PSM) and the food industry. Principles of Inherently Safer Designs (ISD). Laws and regulations on plant safety. Field evaluation of safety in the...

FPEN 407: Statistical Quality Control in Food Processing

Quality management principles for the food industry. Total quality management. Development of grades and standards of quality. Quality, processes and control. Methods and philosophy of statistical process control. Attributes control charts, variables control...

FPEN 406: Food Packaging

An integrated presentation of the scientific and technical aspects of packaging foods.  Principles of food packaging; functions of packaging; properties of packaging materials e.g. metal, glass, paper and plastics. The design, fabrication and...

FPEN 405:Engineering and Design of Food Process III – Plant Products

Plant foodstuffs and their conversion to value-added products. Cereals, roots and tubers, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, spice and essences. Design of processes for industrial production

FPEN 404: Food Process Control (Prerequisite FAEN 202)

Basics of Monitoring and Control (objectives and types of control, social & economic issues of automation, applications in food processing). Instrumentation in the Food Industry (Instrumentation, and Monitoring, Measurement Devices/sensors and their...

FPEN 403: Engineering Design

 Fundamentals of engineering design.  Identification of food processing problems and application of design principles to a supervised project. Evaluation of economics and other operational concerns of specific process.