IAU Connecting Accra Project

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - 15:00
ISSER Conference Facility

The Office of Research, Innovation, and Development, of the University of Ghana in partnership with Impact Hub Accra and Imperial College London, with support from the British Council, is ending this year's "Innovation for African Universities Program,” dubbed “Connecting Accra Project.” The programme has been resident at the University of Ghana Business School Innovation and Incubation Hub (The UGBS NEST) since its launch in May 2022. The initiative has helped students to build viable products and services, and also developed transformational business models for the future through technical assistance to refine business ideas.

Connecting Accra Project provided an opportunity for the Office of Research, Innovation, and Development to respond to the needs of student innovators and their personal and professional development. The programme aimed to empower students to engage in creativity, purposeful play, and innovation as preparation for engaged, global citizenship that addresses the world’s big challenges. It quickly became a place where over 100 students comprising 18 teams applied their studies and interests to real-world problems and created business solutions to succeed beyond the University.

The teams have created mainly digital businesses in some major industries, including:

  • Agriculture (Agrimercarb, Agronomy, Agrotecknika, Black Onyx Pig Farm, Cartagro Africa, Feathery Care, Pigarty, Reality Hennery, Silo, Stefarms)
  • Beauty (Salon Jet)
  • Education (Nubuake Companies Limited) 
  • Finance (Mam Ne Fo)
  • Healthcare (Calme)
  • Real Estate (Acomod8,HostelGig)
  • Security (Fihankra Comtech LLC.)
  • Transport (Trotro)

The benefits for participants include personalized education and coaching through advisors, classes, operational support for legal and financial options, and guidance on grant opportunities. There is also an opportunity for the top three emerging winners to receive a Startup Mentorship package from Impact Hub.

Join us for the upcoming finale, where the top three teams will pitch their ideas to a live audience at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. The venue is the ISSER Conference Center, University of Ghana.

For further information, visit the University of Ghana Office of Research, Innovation and Development website (orid.ug.edu.gh) or contact (iih@ug.edu.gh).