CNC Technician/Operator


The University of Ghana through the Department of Physics has acquired a modern computer numerical controlled machine to aid in the design of highly costumed machine parts often required in high level laboratories for cutting edge research or in the industry.

A suitably qualified and highly experienced person who is capable of operating the machine to the optimal is required for immediate employment.


§ To be responsible for the daily operations of the Milling and (computer numerical controlled) CNC equipment in the workshop unit of the Department of Physics, University of Ghana.

§ To implement CNC processes and strategies to ensure value delivery to clients.

§ To be responsible for the settings and selection of appropriate tools and fixtures for CNC programs ready for running on the machines.

§ To be responsible for cutting materials for use on CNC machines, product finishing and packaging.



§ Operate the CNC machinery to fabricate metallic and non-metallic parts independently or under minimal supervision.

§ Receives jobs from customers/clients and preparing job card.

§ Responsible for health, safety and environmental risks control in relation to the CNC department and to report them to the supervisor as appropriate.

§ Supervises the generation of program code using computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software to achieve job targets.

§ perform quality checks and correction/improvement of program code to increase efficiency, quality and safety.

§ Work with colleagues and administrative to maximize use of the Milling and CNC workshop and achieve self-sustainability of the units.

§ Apply the best tools, feeds and fixtures to be used in the workshops for optimal service delivery.

§ Reviews and interprets CAD models and/Engineering drawings

§ Defines the best sequence of machining steps

§ Generates program code using computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software from CAD models and engineering drawings for the CNC machines

§ Conduct quality testing and correct/improve program code to increase efficiency, quality and safety;

§ Checks CNC programs to select their appropriate tools and fixtures.

§ Reports any tooling required to the Chief Technician of the Department.

§ Reads and interprets Engineering Drawings and module products according for generation of right codes for CNC machining.

§ Fills and submits time sheets and job cards to the Chief Technician and maintain a log of jobs at all time.



§ A minimum of two (2) years post-qualification practical work experience in a CNC manufacturing establishment.

§ A good HND or First Degree in Mechanical (Design and Production) or Agricultural Engineering from an accredited tertiary institution.

§ Excellent practical knowledge and experience in CNC machine operation and basic knowledge of CNC machine setting.

§ Must have completed one (1) year National Service.



· Able to demonstrate experience of working with relevant products

· Excellent knowledge in CAD/CAM and related computer applications

· Possess strong knowledge of production processes

· Good eye for small details

· Have a good culture of best practice and safety consciousness.

· Excellent communication skills and ability to deliver a report(s) on jobs to be done or done.

· Ability to build strong working relationships with client and colleagues.




Interested applicants should download the appropriate application form for staff from the University of Ghana website:


The complete application pack (Hardcopy) should be sent to:

The College Secretary

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

University of Ghana





soft copy to:


The application pack should contain the following:

• Completed application form for Academic Staff Positions (UAB Form 1A).

• An up to date Curriculum Vitae

• Copies of transcripts, academic and/or professional certificates.

• Names and addresses of three referees


Deadline for submission of applications is Friday, May 29, 2020.