Roland Asare

Earth Science
Start Date: 
August 2017

List of Journal Publications

  1. Asare, R., Sakyi, P. A., Fynn, O. F. & Osiakwan, G. M (2016). Assessment of Groundwater quality and its suitability for domestic and agricultural purposes in parts of the Central Region, Ghana. West African Journal of Applied Ecology, 24, 67-89.
  2. Asare, R.& Essegbey, G.O. (2016). Funding of agricultural research and development in Ghana: The Case of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Technology and Investment, 7, 40-50. http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/ti.2016.72006
  3. Asare, R,, Akuffobea, M.,  Quaye, W.&   Atta-Antwi, K. (2015). Characteristics of micro, small and medium enterprises in Ghana: Gender and implications for economic growth, African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 7(1), 26-35. DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2014.979
  4. Akuffobea, M., Adade, P., Asare, R. &  Essegbey, G. O. (2015) Implication of agricultural knowledge and information systems on technology development and dissemination in Ghana: A Review. International Journal for Agricultural Research and Innovation (IJARI), 1(1)1 1- 9.
  5. Sakyi, P. A. &   Asare, R.  (2012). Impact of Temperature on bacterial growth and survival in drinking-water Pipes. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences 4(8): 807-817
  6. Sakyi, P. A., Asare, R., Anani, C. &  Dampare, S, B.   (2012). Nutrient induced growth of Coliform and HPC bacteria in drinking water Pipes” Journal of Environmental Protection. 3, 508-517
  7. Sakyi, P. A., Effavi, J. K., Atta-Peters, D. &  Asare, R. (2012). Ghana’s quest for oil and gas: Ecological risks and management frameworks West African Journal of Applied Ecology 20 (1), 57-72.