EASC 470: Communication and Entrepreneurship in the Earth Sciences


The course is divided into two parts. The purpose of Part I is to help students to communicate ideas better and to learn the skills of communicating geology. Topics include discussion and review of different kinds of geological publications such as theses, articles, books, abstracts, etc. Writing exercises (dealing with content as well as language) will include the students’ own CV's, abstracts, extended abstracts, and papers. Also included are oral presentation delivery, proposal development, content organization and audience perspective. The course consists of lectures, student presentations and constructive critiques that take place intensively over the 13-week course period. Part II teaches students the basic and foundational skills needed to start their own business in the geosciences. Using the fundamentals of economics, marketing, accounting and business organizations, students will develop a comprehensive business plan that includes sales, financial, and legal considerations for starting and operating a small business.