CSCD 214: Digital Electronics

Credits: 3

This course exposes students to basic analogue and digital electronics as related to hardware.  Topic covered include: Electric field and potential; capacitors and Dielectrics; Newton Theorems: Kirchhoff’s laws, Superposition, Thevenin’s, Norton’s and reciprocity theorems, Delta-star and star-delta transformations; magnetic induction: Ampere’s law, Boit-Savart law, self and mutual inductance, electronic oscillation; alternating currents; Power and resonance in ac circuits. Boolean Algebra and logic gates, simplification of logic functions, Truth Tables; Karnaugh graphs, DeMorgan’s rules; synchronous flip flops: D, T and JK flip flops; asynchronous state machines in terms of RS flip flops; characteristics of diodes, NMOS and PMOS field effect transistors; structure and use of programmable logic  arrays (PLAs) etc