CSCD 207: Numerical Methods

Credits: 3

This course will study iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations; direct and iterative methods for solving linear systems; approximations of functions, derivatives, and integrals; error analysis. The  course will take students through solving numerical algebraic and transcendental equations, bisection methods, false position method, Newton Raphson method, Successive approximation method, Simultaneous linear algebraic equations, Gauss elimination method, Jacobi method, Pivotal condensation, Gauss seidal, Gauss Jordan, Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors, Numerical differentiation, Newton’s forward and Backward difference formulae. Integration, Trapezoidal rule, simpson’s one third rule, Newton’s three eighth rule. Solutions of differential equations, Tailor’s series, Euler’s series, Euler’s methods, predictor, corrector method, runge-Kutta method.