CROP 435: Environmental Horticulture


Landscape Design: History of garden and landscape design.  Contemporary trends, types and elements of the landscapes.  Objectives of landscaping. Conduction of a landscape survey and analysis of landscape survey data.  Materials of design. Principles of design and Principles of landscape design.  The functions and design of beds and borders, home gardens, open space, public parks and public gardens.  Road, street and industrial landscaping.  Landscape graphic techniques.  Preparation of plans.  The sequence of operation for Landscape, projects.  Preparation of costs and estimates.  Landscape Horticulture: Importance of landscape plants in the environment.  Selection of plants for landscaping. Establishment and maintenance of landscape trees, shrubs, climbing plants, hedges and shelter belts, bedding plants, lawns in garden and parks, and aquatic plants in water garden. Problems of landscape horticulture in Ghana.  Establishment of landscape maintenance program.