Special Instructions for Level 100 UGRC Courses


Level 100 Students should check their UGRC timetable.


  1. Only students who have duly registered for the UGRC courses will be allowed to write examinations in those courses.
  2. Groups have been resereved for Level 100 Students of College of Health Sciences
  3. UGRC120 (Numeracy Skills) is for all students in the College of Humanities except those offering BSc Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics.
  4. Manual Registration

Students in higher levels with outstanding Level 100 UGRCs could register manually for limited slots at the UGRC Coordinator's Office opposite the University of Ghana Business School in the Staff Resource Centre Building from 2nd September- 11th September, 2019.

  • Continuing students should check the time table of their regular courses to avoid clashes in UGRC timetable.
  • Legibly indicate your course code and title on your academic record, and add your email address


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