UG Congregation - What to do on graduation day

Arrival and Venue

Graduands and guests are expected to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to commencement of the Ceremony.

To avoid traffic congestion on the day, all entry and exit points to/from the University will be opened to the public.  Late arrivals will be seated outside and may not be presented.


Each Graduand is given two guest invitation cards for the Ceremony at the Great Hall. Gradauands and Guests without invitations may not enter the Great Hall. Please advise your guests with accompanying young children to sit comfortably outside the Hall to circumvent any possible disruptions during the ceremony.


Graduands will be seated by programme of study and in alphabetical order.  Seat numbers will be generated after the deadline and posted on the registration form as well as via SMS, following the deadline. Graduands should go back to the form to check their numbers or check for the text message on phone. Ushers will assist students to find their seats. Graduands are requested to promptly take their seats on arrival, stay seated and not wander.  After the entry of the Procession of Convocation, graduands outside the Hall will not be allowed in to take their seats. They may sit outside.

Graduands with special needs should kindly notify their School/College Academic Officer to assist with appropriate seating arrangements before the day of graduation.

Presentation of Graduands

Graduands will be called to be recognized by Officials on the dais.

The assigned Provost/Dean for each programme will rise up and move to the front of the stage. Graduands will rise up from their seats to be presented. After the presentation and conferment of degrees, Graduands will be called individually to be recognized by officials on the dais and will receive a handshake from the designated top official.

All male Graduands will, as a sign of courtesy, take off their caps before approaching the dais. Female Graduands may keep caps on.


Protocol will demand that Graduands exhibit civility and decorum through proceedings.

Live-Streaming of Proceedings

Proceedings will be streamed live on the University of Ghana website during the sessions. Coverage of previous University of Ghana Congregations are available on YouTube