UG Congregation - What to do after the Congregation

Return of Academic Gowns

Graduates are  to return the rented gowns to the relevant collection points within 24 hours of the Ceremony.  To be specific the deadline for return of the academic gowns is  4pm on Friday, September 1, 2023.

Failure to return gowns by the above dealine required will attract a weekly penalty. Late submission of the gown should be undertaken at Room D7, Academic Affairs Directorate where the penalty will be determined.

Upon return of the full gown set (hood, gown and cap) and presentation of Student Identification Card or valid picture ID, Academic Certificates will be issued to the graduate.


Collection of Certificate

Graduands who registered for Congregation should present their UG student identification card (or UG provisional ID), sign and collect certificates in person. Return to the original  collection points for Certificates based on College.

Non-registered Graduands may also pay at the cash office after a given date  to pick up their certificates.

As usual, certificates can be picked up from the respective Schools within two weeks after the congregation ceremony, following which collection can be undertaken from the Students Services and Records Unit in Room D8 of the Academic Affairs Directorate. This should be done in person.

Every year’s cohort of graduated students have up to exactly six (6) months following the date of their congregation ceremony to collect their Academic Certificates from the Student's Record Unit at no additional charge. After a period of six months, graduates will be required to pay a penalty equivalent to the prevailing University of Ghana graduation fee in addition, for collection.


Please take note that the Academic Certificate is irreplaceable. Make sure you make copies and keep the original in a safe place.


Sign on as UG Alumni:

As a Graduate of the University of Ghana, you are part of our Alumni Family and we would love to keep in touch with you. Kindly visit the Alumni page here to register as alumni. There are many benefits in signing on as an Alumnus. Visit the Alumni Office website to find out.