UG Congregation - Gown collection points


Collection of the University Academic Gown is optional and should be decided during the online registration. After registration and payment for Congregation, Graduands who choose to pick gowns will have to defer collection of their certificates until the return the gowns as directed.

Graduands who choose not to pick up the academic gown may proceed directly to pick up their Certificates with the souvenir from the Collection Points.

Graduands who elected to rent the academic gown should pick up and return them on the dates assigned.

The Collection Points are:

  • University of Ghana School of Law - Dean's Secretariat, UGSOL Building, X Floor.

  • University of Ghana Medical School - Medical School Administration, Room 22.

  • University of Ghana Dental School - ???

The Academic Gown comprises a gown, hood and cap. Graduates are asked to return the rented gowns in good form to the relevant Collection Point by the deadline stipulated.

Failure to return gowns by the deadline will attract a weekly penalty. Late submission should be done at Room D7, Academic Affairs Directorate, Registry, where the penalty will be determined.