Congregation - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Congregation:


Q.   What is this online registration about?

A.  The online registration is simply a platform to enable graduands who want to attend the Congregation Ceremony to do so. All prospective Graduands may use it to check their graduation status. However, those who do not wish to attend the ceremony should not register online.

Q.   Am I eligible for graduation?

A.   You are required to check your academic records in good time to ensure that all grades appear, you have satisfied all the requirements of your programme and are therefore eleigible to graduate. You can review the requirements in your College's student handbook and compare to your online academic transcript in this regard. If in doubt about your eligibility, contact your College Academic Office for guidance.

Q.   I think I have fulfilled all requirements to graduate but cannot find my name on the graduation list for online registration. What should i do?

A.  There are several reasons why your name may be absent from the list after online registration opens. You need to contact the Academic Officer of your College immediately for investigation of the issue and guidance to resolve it. Graduation list will be posted online by the registration start date.  If you check online before then, you will not find your name.

To check eligibity to graduate before the start of online registration, kindly see your College Academic Officer or relevant Departmental Academic Advisor.

Q. My MISWeb pin does not work / I can't remember my MISWeb Pin, what should I do to be enabled to register?

A. Visit the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS) Front Desk on the UGCS ground floor, UG Legon Campus, for assistance to re-acquire the pin. Please present a valid ID.

Q. What is the deadline for registering and paying to participate in the Congregation Ceremony?

A. Registration to attend the Congregation Ceremony can be done online only and the deadline is in the general notice. After Ecobank closes at 4pm on this last day, payment for participation is still possible online via visa card or mastercard until 12 midnight that same day. Graduands who miss this deadline cannot attend the ceremony but may pick up their Certificates later after payment of a fee of Ghc220.00 at the cash office.

Q.  How much is the Congregation fee?

A.  The fee is Gh¢220.00 to attend the Ceremony.  Here is how to pay: Payment Options.   Do not pay this fee at the Cash Office.        Please register online ACCURATELY before payment.

Q.  May I pay for Congregation using the same account information I used to pay my student fees?

A.  No, you may not. Payment information may be found here, please:  Payment Options.   Please register online before payment.

Q.  I have paid my Congregation fees online but the payment has not reflected on the registration platform. What should I do?

A.  There may be a technical hitch. Report immediately to the Students Accounts Office at the Jones-Quartey Building with proof of payment for rectification. This also applies to bank payments, if payment does not reflect after 24 hours. Failure to do so will lead to the assumption that you have not paid.

Q.  I have registered online for the Congregation Ceremony and have not paid. Can I attend the Ceremony?

A.  No, you may not as your name will not be included on the call list. You should proceed to pay the fee before the deadline to be included.

Q.  I have paid for the Congregation Ceremony and but have not registered online. Can I attend the Ceremony?

A.  No, you may not as your name will not be included on the call list. You should proceed to register online before the deadline to be included. 

Q. Where will my Ceremony be held?

A. Ceremonies will be held in the Great Hall and the ISSER Conference Hall, Legon Campus, depending on the Session. The Venues are on the schedule here:

Q.  What date and time does my ceremony take place?

A.   Check for the dates and times in the Congregation Schedule .

Q.   How will I find my seat in the Great Hall?

A.   Special seating is reserved for graduands. Seat Numbers will be sent by text message to the phone number given by the graduands during online registration. The seat number will also be available on the registration page. This is why it is particularly important that graduands register and provide an accurate contact phone number before paying the congregation fee. The seat numbers are usually sent to the phone numbers provided the night before the ceremony.  Please ensure that you sit as assigned. Ushers will be positioned to direct graduands to their seats.

Q. What if I'm late for the Ceremony?

It is extremely important that you arrive in good time for the Ceremony. If you arrive after the procession of Convocation mounts the dais, you will be seated outside in an appropriate location so as not to disrupt the event. You will, nevertheless, be presented as planned.

Q.   How long will the ceremony be?

A.   The ceremony is usually about 2 hours long.

Q.   Can special arrangement be made for me to attend if I have a physical disability ( Wheel-chair bound)?

A.     We can accomodate such needs. Kindly contact the Office of Special Needs in good time with your request, for assistance in this regard.

Q.  What should I wear?

A.   Due to the formal nature of the ceremony, Graduands should wear business outfits, smart national attire or other clothing appropriate for the occasion under their academic gowns. Use safety and or hair pins to keep the gown and cap in place if necessary. Ensure you are in steady shoes and not hampered by your outfit (to avoid falls on stairs. etc.).  Assistance in robing will be provided at the entrance to the Hall by congregation officlals upon request. Male graduands should remember to remove their caps before climbing up the dais.

Q.    When will I receive my gown and invitations?

A.     This depends on online registration and mode of payment of the Congregation fee. For online payment, You may collect these immediately, during office hours at your College's designated collection point. For payment at Ecobank, you will have to wait for 24 hours to collect them at collection point for your College.

Q.    My Student ID Card is missing, may I pick up my gown without it?

A.     Kindly visit your College Academic Office for a PROVISIONAL ID  to present at the gown collection point to pick up your gown.

Q.    I have collected my academic regalia - what if i can no longer attend the Ceremony?

A.    If you are unable to attend, you should immediately return the academic gown and invitations to Room D7 Academic Affairs where you will be guided accordingly and all necessary arrangements for receipt of your Certificate can be made.

Q.   How many guests may I bring?

A.   Apart from your own invitation, you will receive only two guest invitations for attendance at the ceremony. An invitation admits only one person (adult or child). Other guests will not be allowed into the Great Hall and will have to wait elsewhere.

Q.   Two invitations for my guests are not enough. I really wish more of my family and friends could witness the ceremony!

A.   The Congregation ceremony will be streamed live on the University's website: Your loved ones can experience the event that way without invitation cards .

The following are the Youtube links to the various Session of the University of Ghana November 2017 Congregation will be posted here  below in due course.

Q.   Are children allowed to attend the ceremony?

A.    Due to the solemn nature of the ceremony, it is not desirable to have children under five and in particular, babies in the main hall. However, they may be permitted with the requisite invitation card, under good supervision.

Q. Will I receive a programme for the Ceremony?

A. You are entitled to a Congregation brochure for the session you attend. This would normally be found on your seat on arrival. This has information on the proceedings, officiants and class lists. Guests may purchase these brochures from ushers in the forecourt of the Great Hall.

Q.  Will I be served refreshments?

A.   Only bottled water will be provided at the Hall.

Q.   Can someone return my gown and collect my certificate on my behalf?

A.     Individuals may freely return gowns on behalf of graduands. They may, however, only be allowed to collect Certificates on behalf of graduands after the deadline for submission of gowns has passed, in room D8, Academic Affairs Directorate on proof of return of gown and hood (where applicable). In this respect, they are required to present an authorization letter and any form of valid identification for themselves as well as the graduand.

Q. The ceremony date is inconvenient. Is it possible to attend another ceremony?

A.    Unfortunately not. You may pick up your Certificate two weeks after the event.

Q.    I am not attending the Congregation Ceremony. Do I still need to register for Congregation?

A.     Graduands do not want to attend the Congregation Ceremony do not need register online for congregation at all. They may pick up their Certificates two weeks after Congregation. They will need clearance by the Students Accounts Unit, payment of the fee of Gh¢220.00 at the Cash Office. Certificates may be picked up in Room D8, Academic Affairs Directorate.

Q.    If  I am unable to attend the ceremony this year, is it possible to defer attendance?

A.    There is no provision for deferral of attendance. You should pick up your certificate two weeks after the event in Room D8, Academic Affairs Directorate. For instance, if due to a re-sit you did not participate in the ceremony with your cohort (classmates), your name may not be included in subsequent ceremonies.

Q.    I was supposed to attend the Ceremony in July, but could not due to outstanding issues. May I attend in November?

A.    As a matter of policy, graduands may only attend the Ceremony on dates scheduled for their specific programmes within the year. So they may not be included in subsequent sessions. They may, however, visit the Academic Affairs Directorate to pay and collect their academic certificates.

Q.   Can I have my personal photographer take pictures before and during the ceremony?

A.    No, only the designated photographers are allowed in the Hall to take photographs during the ceremony. Personal photography hinders the process of preparation before the ceremony begins.

Q.    Is there accommodation in close proximity where I can stay?

A.     Yes, you may stay at the University Guest Centre, the Yiri Lodge or any of the students' Halls of residence on the Legon campus during this period for a fee.
For reservations call: Yiri Lodge - 0302-513386, 0302-513387, 0544306255   /   University Guest Centre - 0577850291, 0577850292, 0288512513.

Q.  What if I'm an international student?

Please note, it is your responsibility to check you have the correct visa in time to attend the Graduation.  You may contact the Office of the Dean, International Programmes for advice/assistance in visa and accomodation arrangements for yourself as well as family and friends.  

Q. Can I purchase University of Ghana souvenirs / gifts?

Gifts are available for purchase during office hours at the Alumni Centre next to the Ecobank Office on Campus. A selection will be available at the Great Hall on the day of the Ceremony.