FSSP 701: Philosophy of the Social Sciences

The course aims at exposing doctoral students to the epistemological underpinnings of social science research. It focuses on the differences and similarities between the social and natural sciences, casual relationships, social laws and the ontological...

COMS 740: Seminar IV

At this seminar, the student presents the full findings of the research.

COMS 730: Seminar III

Preliminary findings of the student’s research are presented at this seminar

COMS 720: Seminar II

Student presents research experience report at a seminar.

COMS 710: Seminar I

Student presents at a seminar his or her research proposal.

COMS 706: Communication and Public Policy

Understanding the centrality of communication in policy formulation and implementation within the civil and public services has become a 21st Century challenge. This course explores the connecting sharing information among policy makers, journalists, bloggers...

COMS 705: Political Communication

Political communication is the intersection between politics and communication. It is generally concerned with production and consumption of political information. How such information spreads and influences politics is the main focus of this course. It...

COMS 704: Advanced Communication Research Methods

Linkages in the various steps in communication research as a matter of consistency is the main focus of this course. The course also involves the development of data collection instruments and techniques for their respective data processing as guided by...

COMS 703: Current Issues in Communication Studies

This seminar format course is designed to assemble accomplished communication practitioners to lead discussion in their areas of practice. Topics will be selected based on current developments in the area of practice of the guest practitioner. This...

COMS 702: Readings in Communication Theory and Research

A student shall submit an annotated bibliography of 50 items (selected from peer-reviewed journal articles and other relevant publications) agreed upon with a supervisor as a basis for developing two papers for seminar presentation. The readings shall relate...