CPEN 406:Wireless Communication Systems (Prerequisites: CPEN 308)

Main block


History and overview of wireless communication, reasons for studying wireless transmissions, areas of applications, relevance of wireless systems in computer engineering. Wireless transmission issues and challenges. System Design: Basic cellular systems and selection of parameters for system design. Multi-path channels and modulation techniques. Wireless networking, base stations, mobile stations, airlink access, jamming, spoofing, signal intercept, wireless LANs, wireless modems, cellular radiotelephones, optical links, signal modeling, propagation modeling. Wireless security: introduction to physical layer and issues associated with security of the airlink interface. Wireless and mobile computing: wireless standards and compatibility, special problem of wireless and mobile computing, wireless LAN and satellite based networks, mobile internet protocol, mobile aware adaptation, mobile data access, software packages supporting mobile, wireless computing, performance issues, and emerging technologies.