CPEN 404:Computer Vision and Robotics (Prerequisites: CPEN 405)

Main block


Fundamentals of pattern-recognition and image-analysis techniques, low-level representation, intrinsic images, segmentation, texture and motion analysis, and representation of 2-D and 3-D shape. Vision system and components: camera, illumination, optical systems, computer interface, frame stores, structured lighting, software support. Vision algorithm. Fundamentals of Robotic systems: Mechanics of robots including kinematics, dynamics, and trajectories. Robot types, components and subsystems. Robot Position and Motion: Coordinates and transformations, coordinate frames, kinematics of position and inverse kinematics, kinematics of motion, an introduction to Robot statics and dynamics, mobile robots, task planning and programming, accuracy and repeatability. Sensors, actuators and control. Robot application: automated assembly, robotic work cell design, safety Biological analogies and medical applications of Robotics.