CPEN 402:Advanced Computer Architecture (Prerequisites: CPEN 303)

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Performance and cost: CPU performance benchmark, CPI analysis, analysis and cost of computer system. Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Design: stack accumulator, general register ISA, CISC and RISC ISA design, DSP ISA. Basic pipelining. Advanced pipelining: Instruction-Level Parallelism (ILP), compiling for ILP, dynamic branch prediction, superscalar pipelines, dynamic scheduling. VLIW Architecture: Memory hierarchies, basic caches, memory hierarchy performance, improving time, miss time and penalty, memory interleaving, bandwidth improvement, and virtual memory support. I/O Subsystems. Parallel Architectures. Message Passing Architectures. Shared memory Architectures. Cache Coherence. Synchronization. Convergence Architectures. Introduction to Parallel programming