CPEN 101 - (Engineering Computational Tools )

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Computing systems: computer hardware components and organization, computer software – operating system, types of computer languages, concept for executing a computer program. Engineering problem solving methodology, software tools for solving engineering problems. Spreadsheet:  characteristics of spreadsheet, arithmetic operations, common engineering functions and operations, logical operations, plotting capabilities, simple engineering model application with spreadsheet. MATLAB: user interface, characteristics of Matlab program. Working with Variables: creating variables, data import from external sources, data entry, scalars, vector and matrix data, vector and matrix arithmetic, plotting and visualization. MATLAB file: Matlab editor, creating M-files, editing and running files. MATLAB functions: Basic mathematical functions, data analysis functions, random functions, logical functions, relational and logical operators, if statements, loop. Data Input and Output: data types and formats in Matlab, constructing and accessing data types, converting data types, import and export of files types. Matlab applications for solving basic engineering problems.