Asian Cultures and Values


This is one of our three Research Clusters. The links between culture and human progress has long been pondered. This sub-theme is interested in interrogating this nexus within the context of the post-colonial experiences of these two regions. An increasing wealthy East Asia for example points to the guiding force of Confucian values like thrift, filial piety and moral rectitude in explaining that region’s transformation. Examining such a claim, for example, set against Africa’s search for cultural autonomy and validation in the process of development should offer valuable insights on the limits, possibilities and even necessity of culture as a vehicle for progress in a globalizing world. This sub-theme seeks to inspire a cultural dialogue between the two continents mediated by their respective pre and post-colonial experiences.



The Centre for Asian Studies was established following a decision by the Council of the University of Ghana in October, 2015 and begun formal operations on August 1, 2016.


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