Prof. Erasmus H. Owusu


Prof. Erasmus H. Owusu is the Director and an Associate Professor in Conservation Science. He has a PhD in Biodiversity Management from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. Prof Owusu has extensive knowledge of conservation and environmental issues in Ghana and Africa and has 24 years functional experience in environmental/biodiversity management in different capacities. His special interest are in, community-based natural resource management; protected areas management & planning; environmental impact assessment as well as Climate Change and Biodiversity.  Prof. Owusu has 52 publications in refereed journals and also as book chapters. He is a member of the National Biodiversity Committee and was part of the team that developed the National Biodiversity Strategy for Ghana and currently teaches Climate Change and Biodiversity on the CCSD programme.

Director / Associate Professor


Selected Academic Publications

Articles in refereed journals

  1. Apambilla, R., Owusu, E.H. and Kyerematen, R. (2019). Impact of Climate variability on Salt Production in Ghana: Case of Songor Salt Project in Ghana. Journal of Sustainable Development 12(1):1-9​
  2. Aikins, T.K., Gbogbo, F. & Owusu, E.H. (2018), Seasonal variation in species richness and abundance of waterbirds in Mole National Park, Ghana: Implication for conservation and ecotourism, Koedoe 60(1)
  3. Aikins, T.K., Gbogbo, F. & Owusu, E.H. (2018), An evaluation of human disturbance to waterbirds at  Mole National Park, Ghana: Wetland Ecology and Management 60(1)
  4. Alare, S. R., Owusu, E.H. and Owusu, K. (2018). Climate Smart Agriculture Practices in Semi-arid Northern Ghana: Implications for sustainable livelihoods. Journal of Sustainable Development 11(5)
  5. Pacheco, L. F., Altrcher, M., Beck, H., Buchori, D., Owusu, E.H. (2018). Economic Growth as a Major cause of Environmental crisis:  comment to Ripple et al. BioScience 68(4)
  6. Ahenkan, A., Osei, J., and Owusu, E.H. (2018). Mainstreaming Green Economy: An assessment of Private Sector Led initiatives in Climate Change Adaptation in Ghana. Journal of Sustainable Development 11(2)
  7. Antwi, RA, Owusu, E.H., & Attuquayefio D.K (2018). Species distribution of Kobs (Kobus kob) in the Shai Hills Resource Reserve: an exploratory analysis. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 190(107):1-14​
  8. Ofori, B. Y., Garshorng, R. A., Gbogbo, F. Owusu, E. H. and Attuquayefio, D. K. (2018). Urban green area provides refuge for native small mammal biodiversity in a rapidly expanding city in Ghana. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 190(480) 1-12
  9. Kyerematen, R, Adu-Acheampong, S Acquah-Lamptey, D, Anderson R. S., Owusu E. H. and Mantey, J (2018). Butterfly Diversity: An Indicator for Environmental Health within Tarkwa Gold Mine, Ghana Environment and Natural Resources Research; 8 (93) 69-83
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  13. Yahaya M., Attuquayefio D. K., Ofori, B. Y. and Owusu E.H., (2015). Herpetofauna underthreat: A study of Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve, Ghana. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation 7: (11) 420-428​
  14. Holbech, L.H., Asamoah, A. and Owusu, E.H. (2015). A rapid assessment of species specific bird strike risk at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. Ostrich, Journal of African Ornithology 86: (3)277-285
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Refereed Book Chapters

  1. Pacheco L.F., Altrichter M., Beck H., Buchori D., Owusu E. H. (2017). Conservation as the New Paradigm for Development.  In A.A. Aguirre and R. Sukumar, eds. Tropical Conservation: Perspectives on Local and Global Priorities. Oxford University Press, New York. ​
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Published Abstracts/Conference/Seminar Papers

  1. Sackey H. N. K., Amponsah-Mensah K., Owusu E. H., Ntiamoa-Baidu Y (2015). The changing trends in bushmeat exploitation in Ghana [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology and 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology. Visconti P., Game E., Mathevet R., Wilkerson M. editors. Montpellier 2-6 August 2015. p. 602. SCB; 2015. doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.4233.4489/1​
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