The Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (C3SS) has members of faculty & students regularaly published in journals and via other media within the academic space.

A few of these articles are featured here:


Publication 2020-1:

[Book Chapter : Chapter 12]
Saito, O., Boafo, Y. A., & Abe, M. (2020). Synthesis: Can Sharing Enhance the Sustainability and Resilience of Our Society?. In Sharing Ecosystem Services (pp. 233-265). Springer, Singapore.


Saito, O. (Ed.). (2019). Sharing Ecosystem Services: Building More Sustainable and Resilient Society. Springer.

Publication 2019-2:

[Book Chapter : Chapter 2]
Agyeman-Boafo,Y.,Lam,R.D.,Juju,D.B. & Saito,O.(2019). The role of sustainability science in addressing Africa’s sustainable development challenges & priorities: A bibliometric survey.


UNESCO. 2019. Co-Designing Science in Africa: First steps in assessing the sustainability science approach on the ground. C. Aguirre-Bastos, J. Chaves-Chaparro and S. Aricò, eds Paris, UNESCO.


Publication 2019-1:

Jarzebski, M. P., Ahmed, A., Boafo, Y. A., Balde, B. S., Chinangwa, L., Saito, O., ...& Gasparatos, A. (2019).Food security impacts of industrial crop production in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of the impact mechanisms.Food Security,1-31.

Publication 2019-1:

Apambilla, R., Owusu, E. & Kyerematen, R. (2019). Impacts of Climate Variability on Salt Production in Ghana: Case of Songor Salt Project. Journal of Sustainable Development. 12. 1. 10.5539/jsd.v12n1p1. 

Publication 2018-2:

Boafo, Y. A., Balde, B. S., Saito, O., Gasparatos, A., Lam, R. D., Ouedraogo, N., ... & Moussa, Z. P. (2018). Stakeholder perceptions of the outcomes of reforms on the performance and sustainability of the cotton sector in Ghana and Burkina Faso: A tale of two countries. Cogent Food & Agriculture, 4(1), 1477541.

Publication 2018-1:

Ahenkan, A., Osei, J., & Owusu, E. H. (2018). Mainstreaming Green Economy: An Assessment of Private Sector Led Initiatives in Climate Change Adaptation in Ghana. Journal of Sustainable Development, 11(2), 77-87.