Objectives and Vision

Our Mandate
Teaching of basic plant science (biology) and researching into this through traditional disciplines such as plant morphology, anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, genetics, ecology and mycology.

Our Mission
Development of world class human resources for the relevant Research Institutes of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)  Government Ministries, Departments, agencies such as the Ministries of Lands and Forestry, Agriculture, Science and Environment, Education and the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the private sector.

We contribute to undergraduate teaching courses in first, second, third and fourth years, namely: 

First Year- Interactions in Nature; Growth of Flowering Plants.

Second Year - Introductory Cell Biology and Genetics; Introductory Plant and Animal Ecology; Introductory Plant Morphology.

Third Year - Vegetative Anatomy of Seed Plants; Whole Plant Physiology; Algae; Taxonomy and Evolution of Seed Plants; Principles of Genetics; Environmental Zones of West Africa; Biometry; Aquatic Biology (Oceanography and Limnology).

Fourth Year - Language for Scientist; Fungi and Lichens; Bryophytes and Pteridopytes; Cell Physiology (Plant Metabolism); Economic Botany; Evolution; Floral/Biology; Physiology of Fungi; Microbiology; Plant Pathology; Advanced Taxonomy; 

Biometry; Synecology; Production Ecology; Conservation and Environmental Studies; Molecular Genetics, Plant Breeding and Cytogenetics; Cell Physiology (Plant Hormones); Whole Plant Physiology; Fresh Water Biology; Watershed Management and Conservation; Advanced Plant Anatomy.