SENG 103 Mechanics I: Statics

This course covers basic vector concepts of force, moment of a force, conditions of
equilibrium of machine members such as beams, trusses, and frames under static loads,
friction, distributed forces, determination of centroid and center of mass, area moment...

SENG 102 Calculus II: Multivariable

The course involves Introduction to Multivariable Calculus, Derivatives of Multivariable Functions (partial derivatives, gradient and directional derivatives, divergence, curl, multivariable chain rule, Laplacian, Jacobian, applications, etc.), Integrating...

SENG 101 Calculus I (+pre Maths): Single variable

Students are introduced to concepts of limits and continuity of a function of a single variable
as well as differentiation of trigonometric functions and their inverses, exponential and
logarithmic functions, basic concepts on Leibnitz’s rule, trapezium and...

FAEN 102: Calculus I

Limits and Continuity of a function of a single variable. Differentiation: Rules of differentiation, 
chain rule and parametric differentiation, differentiation of trigonometric functions and their 
inverses, exponential and logarithmic functions...

BMEN 104 General Biology

This course provides principles of biology from the cellular to the ecosystem level including
biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics and evolution. Topics covered
include: Introduction to the science of life, characteristics and various...

BMEN 102: Internship (Industrial Practice I) OPTIONAL

First year attachment with industry.