FAEN 112: C Programming

History of the C language. Structure of the C Program. Variables Declarations: Global variables, 
type and range of variables, declaration of variables, scope of variables, reading and printing of 
variables. Constants Declarations. The C Operators: Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, and order of 
operation precedence. Conditional Instructions. Looping and Iterations. Arrays and Strings: 
Single and multi-dimensional. Functions: VOID function, Functions and Arrays, Function 
prototyping. Data Types: Unions, type casting, enumerated types, static variables. Pointers: 
pointers and variable, pointers and functions, pointers and arrays, arrays of pointers,
multidimensional arrays and pointers, static initialization of pointer arrays, pointers and structures, 
common pointer pitfalls. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Dynamic Structures: MALLOC and 
SIZEOF and FREE, CALLOC and REALLOC, Linked Lists, random number generation, sample 
full C program