UGRC 150 Critical Thinking and Practical Reasoning

An essential element in the training of social studies and humanities students is providing a
corrective and diagnostic skill set that enables students to discriminate logically between:
rhetorical ploys that give motives vs. arguments providing good...

UGRC 110 Academic Writing I

Students will be taken initially through fundamental issues in grammar and composition in
order to consolidate their language skills in these areas. Subsequently, reading and writing
skills relevant to university work will be introduced. These will include...

SENG104 Mechanics II: Dynamics

The course covers the motions of particles and rigid bodies, and the forces that accompany or
cause those motions. It will involve Newton's laws, the work and energy principle, and the
impulse and momentum principle.

SENG 112 Engineering Computational Tools

Computing Systems: Hardware/software components & organization, types of software,
types of computer languages and concepts for executing a program. Engineering problem-
solving methodology. Introduction to software tools for solving engineering...

SENG 111 General Physics

The course introduces students to theories of vibrations and waves, electricity and magnetism
and modern physics. The course provides students with a foundation on how to model real-
life scenario for engineering designs. For vibrations and waves, the focus...

SENG 109 General Chemistry

The course covers discussion on atoms to molecules, introduction to the chemistry of organic
compounds and biochemistry, chemical kinetics and equilibrium, thermochemistry, redox
reactions, and acids and bases. Students will be able to explain simple...

SENG 108 Basic Electronics

History of electronics from vacuum tubes to Large Scale (LS) through to Very Large-Scale
Integration (VLSI) systems. Semiconductivity. Diodes and Diode circuits: Bipolar Junction
Transistors (BJT), the physical structure of the BJT, circuit analysis. Field-...

SENG 107 Introduction to Engineering

The course will introduce students to emerging technologies and trends, engineering ethics,
engineering communication tools, and metrology. Also, students will be introduced to and be
able to apply the principles of the engineering design process to a case...

SENG 106 Applied Electricity

Electricity supply types: definition and characteristics of AC and DC voltages and currents,
instantaneous, average and RMS values, energy and power, and simple billing calculations of
household appliances. AC power: active, reactive, and apparent power,...

SENG 105 Engineering Graphics

The course will cover: Introduction to Engineering Graphics; Sketch Tools (lines, arcs,
circle, rectangle, fillet, chamfer, sketch relations, smart dimension, pattern, mirror, offset
entity, trim, etc.); Parts Modeling Techniques (extrusion, revolve, sweep...