GSPH 427 Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Disposal


Principles: Definitions: Waste, Waste water, Sullage, Sewer, Soil pipe. Sources of waste water: Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, etc.Classification: Liquid, Semi-liquid, Turbidity, colour, Odour ; Characteristics: 1) Composition (water, solids, dissolved matter Degradability (organic decomposition, clarification, gaseous emissions, etc)

Facilities/Infrastructures for disposal of waste waters: Street drains, Storm water drain (natural, built), house drains, open spaces, ponds, etc. Development and Management of Drainage: Drainage network design, construction and maintenance. Private and public premises’ connections, Legislation and bye-laws and enforcement. Institutional Arrangements: Roles of District Assemblies and local councils; definition of the responsibilities of property owners; monitoring and promotion of development.