GSPH 342 Pest and Vector Control


Definitions: Pest, vector, vector control, pesticide, insecticide, larvicide, adulticide, biolarvicide, etc.Importance of pest and vectors: Agents of disease transmission Causes of nuisance (biting, irritation, itching. Droppings, odour, etc); General Control Principles: Identification and morphological characteristics Biology (Life cycle, behavior, resting place, dispersal, ecology, food, etc) Public health importance: Diseases: Nuisance (irritation, biting, itching, droppings, odours, etc); Pest/Vectors and Disease:

Pesticide Classification, Formulation and Use Regulation of Pesticide Use: Legislation to control import and export, labeling, packaging, storage, transportation, safe use, etc. Institutional Arrangements: Central government (Agriculture, Health and Environment) Ministries, districts and local authorities; private sector (importers/retailers, pest control, service providers).