GSPH 329 Hygiene of Food Processing and Handling


Definitions: Food-borne Diseases, Food hygiene, food infection, food intoxication. Principles: Food and nutrition; food-borne diseases: classification of diseases (infection, intoxication), causative agents, transmission mechanisms, manifestation; incriminating food; preventive measures.

Food and Safety Practices: (i) Raw food and meat (prevention of contamination, meat hygiene) (ii) Primary processing (hygienic practices, milling, packaging, storage, etc) (iii) Prepared foods(hygiene in preparation, storage, serving, etc) Food establishments: Approval of sites, facilities, design of layout, display equipment, permits and certificates of operation. Food Inspection and Hygiene Education: (i) establishment of departments/units (ii) design of appropriate educational programmes.Legislation: National and. local; permits/certificates, enforcement of legislation (notices, prosecution, sanctions).Institutional Arrangements: Roles of government, business association, etc; department/unit of local authority; mechanisms for inter-agency coordination and collaboration