GSPH 213 Introduction to Public Health Ethics

Traditions and values in public health, social determinants of health, ethical analysis and decision making, ethics and pandemic power, participation and disparities, research with human subjects, professional ethics, cross-cultural ethics 

GSPH 212 Introduction to Research Methods

The course will introduce the formulation of research questions, research objectives, Describe the qualitative methodology, purposive sampling, sample size determination, Construct variables, and discuss the generalization, validity and reliability. Data...

GSPH 211 Introduction to Pharmacology

General principles of pharmacology; mechanism of drug action; classification, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, introduction to toxicology, principles of adverse   drugs reactions; poisoning including insecticides and agrochemicals. Reactions to...

GSPH 209 Introduction to Microbiology

Foundation and overview of microbiology, the structure and functioning of fungi, bacteria and viruses, the methods used to culture, control and study these organisms in the laboratory, Isolation, Classification and Identification of Microbes.

GSPH 208 Population, Health and Development

Factors affecting population distribution, implications of population distribution, Components of population change, factors in historical decline and mortality and morbidity, general overview of demographic analysis, vital registration, population...

GSPH 207 Introduction to Biostatistics

Descriptive statistics; sampling techniques, summary measures, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, normal distribution, data presentation, measures of association.

GSPH 205 Medical Anthropology: Cultural Foundation for Health and Illness

This course will help the student to understand the societal and cultural determinants of health. The content of the course will include the definition and concept of culture and health; the practice of medical anthropology; Social structures and conceptions...

GSPH 204 The Health Care System in Ghana

This course will cover the concepts of health systems and public health, national health systems, historical development of Ghana’s health system, challenges and strategies for health systems.  Measures to meet challenges of the health system.

GSPH 203 Epidemiology: Principles and Methods

Measures of disease frequency, rates, ratios; descriptive studies, analytic studies geographic comparisons, temporal comparisons ;survey sampling ;epidemiological study design; surveillance

GSPH 202 Ecological Approach to Health

Environment and human biology, climate, chemical pollution, food production, food conservation; poisons and toxic agents, organic pollution of water; effects of environmental degradation: greenhouse effect of ozone layer depletion, desertification