GSPH 415 Public Health Ethics

Traditions and values in public health, social determinants of health, ethical analysis and decision making, ethics and pandemic power, participation and disparities, research with human subjects, professional ethics, cross-cultural ethics.

GSPH 414 Public Health Seminar II

Global public health diseases and developing countries, Poverty and health, measurements of poverty and health; indicators of the Millennium Development goals

GSPH 413 Scientific Communication Including Report Writing

Definition of scientific communication; writing a scientific paper; when to begin writing; preparing the text, abstract preparation, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgments, citation of references, ethics in scientific...

GSPH 412 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

The key challenge facing illness prevention today is how to effectively communicate public health messages to the population at risk of getting certain diseases. This course will seek to introduce students to health promotion theories and principles that will...

GSPH 411 Health problems of infants and children

Definition of the childhood morbidity and mortality; causes of perinatal and neonatal mortality, prematurity and low birth weight; childhood diseases of public health importance.

GSPH 410 Project Work

GSPH 409 Reproductive Health and Culture

Define reproductive health, cultural context of sexuality, cultural factors & determinants of use of family planning, sexual violence, female genital mutilation, Reproductive tract infections, and treatment, effects of contraception and health of mothers...

GSPH 408 Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programmes II

Framework for monitoring and evaluation of programmes; structure and responsibilities of the monitoring and evaluation systems of various control programmes; data collection, collation and management, Methodological frameworks for evaluating health programs,...

GSPH 407 School Health Services II:

Basic cause of common childhood diseases such as malaria common cold, HIV/AIDs, TB, helminthes infection, cuts and wounds, and methods to prevent them. Alcohol use and smoking and their effects on health. Local foods and fruits and their nutrient value and...

GSPH 406 Mental and Social Health Care

The course will deal with the theories and principles of medicine, mental health and the socio-culture context of seeking care for mental health. In recent times, mental health has become an important public health issue. Student will get the opportunity to...