Updated Notice on Arrangements for End of 2021/2022 Academic Year

Starting September 16, 2022 - Ending September 23, 2023

The Residence Board and University management have discussed arrangements for management of the halls of residence at the close of the 2021/2022 academic year and during the vacation period. Various repair works will be carried out in halls of residence during the period, as will disinfection and fumigation.

The opportunity will also be taken to clear out all unauthorized persons from the halls of residence. The following arrangements have therefore been decided on:

-        All undergraduate students in the traditional halls (Volta, Commonwealth, Legon, Mensah Sarbah and Akuafo) are to vacate their rooms by 5.00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022. Students are not to leave any of their personal belongings in the halls of residence.

-        Undergraduate students who have genuine reasons to remain on campus (Level 400 project work, sportsmen and women in camp etc.), as well as National Service persons who have accommodation in halls of residence, and whose services are still required should follow the steps at the bottom of this notice to fill in and submit a Vacation Residence Form.

-        There will be no vacation residence in Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah halls. Undergraduate students in these halls who have genuine reasons to remain on campus during the vacation period are to download and fill in Vacation Residence Forms and present hard copies of these to their hall Tutorial Office, for consideration for accommodation in other halls.

-        Graduate students in Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah Halls who are writing examinations will be allowed to remain in their rooms up to Monday, 10th October 2022. These students are also to fill in and submit Vacation Residence Forms online, for consideration.

-        Graduate students in other traditional halls who have genuine reasons to remain on campus should follow the same procedure outlined above for undergraduate students.

-        Hilla Limann, Alexander Kwapong, Elizabeth Frances Sey and Jean Nelson Ackah Halls will be closed for the entire holiday period, and there will be no vacation residence in these halls.

All students are to take note of these arrangements and ensure that they comply with them. University security, backed by personnel from the Ghana Police Service, will be deployed to enforce compliance starting from Wednesday 28th September, 2022.

Any student who defies the directive to move out of the halls of residence on the scheduled dates will be sanctioned, including permanent loss of accommodation.

Instructions for filling in Vacation Residence Form

UG Students and National Service Persons who attended UG should follow these steps to fill in the Vacation Residence Form:

1. Visit the link https://ugra.ug.edu.gh/administrative/app/login

2. Login with Student ID and MIS Web PIN


4. Select an option from the drop down list: Legon Campus; Distance Student or National Service Person

5. Fill the form and submit online

National Service Persons who did not attend UG may download the form at https://bit.ly/NSPVacForm print, fill in and submit to the relevant Tutorial Office.







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