Rescheduling of Systematic Review Course - University of Ghana Centre for Evidence Synthesis and Policy (UGCESP) and the African Communities of Evidence Synthesis and Translation (ACEST)

Starting July 9, 2020 - Ending July 9, 2021

The University of Ghana Centre for Evidence Synthesis and Policy (UGCESP) and the African Communities of Evidence Synthesis and Translation (ACEST) are jointly organizing Systematic Review Course for final year students who are interested in doing secondary research for their thesis work or want to sharpen their research skills. Also, lecturers who would like to gain this knowledge to help their students to do a systematic review, are encouraged to register.

Course Outline

The course comprises both theory and hands-on activities and will be delivered using theory-grounded and problem-based learning approaches. It will teach participants the theoretical foundations and strategies and methods to produce gold-standard evidence, and the practical skills needed to conduct secondary research. Additionally, participants will be introduced to the value of systematic reviews and how to formulate an appropriate review question, followed by hands-on exercises including how to develop search terms and build search concepts to search relevant electronic databases such as PubMed (MEDLINE) and EMBASE to retrieve studies, emphasizing on the practicalities often encountered. Participants will also be introduced to standard software that are used for preparing and reporting a systematic review.

Target Participants

Masters students (MPH, MSc, MPhil, etc.) conducting theses. Also, anyone involved in designing or carrying out research, implementing or evaluating strategies for societal good, can register to attend. The course is particularly important for lecturers who want to gain further knowledge and skills to help their students to do secondary research for their thesis.

Anticipated Impact of the Workshop

Participants of the course will acquire new and essential skills that, undoubtedly, will change their passion and attitude towards scientific research. For some, this may be a career-defining moment. Given that almost every systematic review ends up being published, it offers participants additional opportunity to get a published paper from their thesis. As part of the systematic review guidelines, various tools are available to guide participants who want to publish their work without too much work to be done after the thesis submission. The certificate awarded to participants will also be beneficial in future career search.

Important Dates:

Workshop Dates: 27th - 31st July 2020, 09.00-15.00 GMT each day via zoom

Deadline for submission of application forms: Saturday, 25th July 2020, 23.00 GMT


Online Registration link:


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