Notice - Update on University of Ghana Strategy for Continuation of Work

Starting April 20, 2020 - Ending April 20, 2021 Expired


Update on University of Ghana Strategy for Continuation of Work


Further to the announcement by the President of the Republic on the lifting of the partial shutdown in Greater Accra, Kasoa and Greater Kumasi, Management wishes to bring to the attention of members of the University community and the public, the University’s strategy for continuation of work.

1. Lectures on all University of Ghana campuses have resumed on-line, with effect from Tuesday, 14th April, 2020. This arrangement will continue as scheduled.

2. Management deems it proper, for the avoidance of doubt, to restate that essential service providers in the University are required to be at work, and these include the following:

- Security Service

- Technical Employees in Departments and selected Laboratories

- Health Services;

- Municipal Services (Electricals, Water, Grounds & Environmental Services Units);

- University of Ghana Computing Systems (ICT / Telecommunications services);

- Finance Directorate;

- Audit Directorate (Pre-Audit Unit);

- Radio Univers;

- Hall Assistants (Porters); and,

- Selected Farm Workers, Drivers and Cleaners.

Heads of affected Units are to make special arrangements for these essential services to be maintained, mindful of the health needs of staff.

3. All employees are required to wear face masks at work. Units of the University should use petty cash to buy hand sanitizers and masks for the use of employees who are required to be at work, until such time that these are supplied by the University. Additional safety measures for staff who have to be at work are being pursued and will be communicated to relevant Unit Heads in due course.

4. Beyond (2) above, where other Units are required to provide services in furtherance of institutional goals, Heads of these Units must put in place arrangements accordingly.

Management will support the following:

• Introduction of flexible working arrangements which require adjusted core working hours to suit the needs of staff, including delayed opening hours and early closing hours;

• Maintenance of skeleton staff on rotation basis, where possible;

• Compression of working week, where staff may work longer hours on a number of days per week and take time-off on the remaining days of the week;

• Introduction of off-site work which allows work to be done from home or other locations through the use of ICT (internet, video conferencing, etc).

It must be noted that these arrangements may be revised if they negatively affect productivity or are abused by staff.

5. In addition to the above arrangements, staff who desire to take their annual leave either in full or in part are allowed to do so and should follow the approved process for taking leave.

6. All national service personnel and others on attachment may be allowed by their Heads of Units to take some off-time during this period.

7. All preventive and precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all members of the community, as earlier announced, must be adhered to and all protocols followed.

8. Employees and their dependents residing on University campuses should ensure they comply with the preventive measures already disseminated to members of the community.

9. Members of the University community are to keep social distance of at least two metres (6 feet) from others and adhere to infection prevention measures at all times.

10. Members of the University Community are to use technology to facilitate meetings and other activities as much as possible.


Other Arrangements

i. The University Basic Schools and the Baby Nest Creche on the Legon Campus are to remain closed down until further notice.

ii. Suspension of social gatherings, religious services, conferences, and sporting activities on the University campuses will continue to be in force.

iii. Events: All international and national events slated to take place on UG campuses are still suspended and may be re-scheduled.

iv. External Travel: All international travel (of all employees and students) has been put on hold until further notice.

v. External Visitors: The University has suspended the hosting of international visitors until further notice.

vi. All tours to the University are suspended until further notice.

Management would like to reiterate the following:

· The University wishes to assure staff, students, parents, guardians and all stakeholders that the safety and well-being of all members of the community is our utmost priority.

· The University Hospital is still open to provide general healthcare to all members of the University community.

· Meanwhile, members of the University community are advised to take the necessary precautionary measures outlined in University notices and information on COVID-19. We owe this responsibility to ourselves, our families and other members of the community.

· Any employee who develops a cough, cold or sore throat should stay away from work till it clears.

· Everyone is encouraged to check his/her temperature daily (morning and evening). Employees should call the University of Ghana Hospital for advice if they develop a fever (temperature above 37.4°C), or a cough/cold persists for more than five (5) days or gets worse.

University of Ghana Hospital: 059 555 1971 / 059 395 5913



Mercy Haizel-Ashia