Law in Crisis: Manifesto Accountability, Monday 10 August 2020, at 1.00 p.m. GMT

Starting August 7, 2020 - Ending August 7, 2021

Dear all,


The University of Ghana School of Law, supported by STAR Ghana Foundation with thanks to UKAid & EUROPEAN UNION, is pleased to inform you of the return of its long running Law in Crisis series of lunchtime seminars. This second edition, which is the Law in Crisis (Election Series), will interrogate various issues relating to the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, including manifesto accountability; election management in light of the COVID-19 pandemic; campaign finance; access to electoral information; and post-election transition management.


Join the next panel on "Manifesto Accountability", which will be held on Monday 10 August 2020, at 1pm GMT.


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