Call for Participants - Workshop on African Debt - Department of Economics

Starting March 11, 2024 - Ending March 11, 2025


Call for Participants

Young Scholars Workshop on African Debt


As part of our joint commitment to develop young scholars, the Department of Economics, University of Ghana, International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs) and the African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) are organizing a two-day course on African Debt.  IDEAs is a global-south led international network of development economists committed to deploying pluralist approaches to research, teaching and policy making. 


The course will be held at the Cedi Conference Centre, University of Ghana, Legon on 25th and 26th March 2024. The workshop will be a learning session and will have resource persons from IDEAs, AFRODAD and the University of Ghana.


The target group is post-graduate students and post-docs interested in or working on international debt, development finance and other related themes.


IDEAs is organizing an International Conference on the African Debt Crisis and the need for radical reform of the International Financial Architecture in Accra from 27th-29th March, 2024.  The conference will bring together leading scholars from Africa and the global south as well as policy makers and civil society organizations. The aim of the Conference is to explore alternative approaches to addressing the debt crisis and preventing future crisis by reforming the financial architecture governing financial flows and debt management.


Participants of the workshop will be admitted to the conference which will take place at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra.



to register for the workshop.


Registration ends on 20th March 2024.


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